A weekend at the Lake

For the 4th of July weekend puppy and I joined his parents and traveling to Decatur Illinois to spend the weekend on Lake Decatur. The drive down was good, pretty clear sailing the whole way, and we got to bring the family dog, Dakota.

Soaking in the sun and enjoying the water was the order of business and it was all so worth it. The beautiful, if hot, weather was great for the July 4th weekend. Bear needs to remember to not spend so much time out in the sun without sufficient sunscreen or cover, he got burnt, but not as bad as Puppy’s dad did, LOL.

All the Lobsterfication (Sunburns) aside, the lake is beautiful and the lake shores are full of trees most of the way, with many houses spotting the shores. From small humble homes to great mansions, the variety is stunning. We began each day with a boat ride and ended in the company of Puppy’s family and their friends.